USCIS to accept social security number requests with green card applications

August 16, 2021 08:40 AM

MUMBAI: In a move that is seen as making the immigration procedure smoother, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that individuals who are seeking permanent resident status (green card) can simultaneously apply for a social security number (SSN) or a replacement card.

Previously, such individuals had to apply for an SSN or replacement card in person at a social security office. USCIS has updated Form I-485 (application for adjustment of status) to include additional questions to facilitate a SSN application as well. The filing fee for Form I-485 remains the same (currently US$ 1,225).

USCIS will electronically transmit this data to the social security office, which will then assign the SSN or issue a replacement card. “This expansion of our partnership with the social security administration illustrates our commitment to operating our nation’s immigration system more efficiently to save applicant’s time,” Ur Jaddou, director, USCIS has stated.

Meanwhile on another front, given the huge backlog and the risk of expiry of nearly 1000k plus green card applications by September end, USCIS has geared up for speedier processing.

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