Why food experts recommend having a glass of warm milk before sleep

Since ages, a glass of warm milk before going to sleep has been the standard recommendation by health practitioners. Most nutrition experts also highly recommend having a glass of milk at bedtime. Now scientifically too it has been established that drinking milk before bedtime can bring in a plethora of benefits. Read on to know why you must drink milk before sleeping along with the right way to drink it.

Weekend Special: How To Make Potato Cheese Shots | Potato Cheese Shots Recipe

We all wait for the weekend in the hopes of eating delicious snacks.
Crunchy potato nuggets that will ooze cheese at every bite.

Drink This Ginger-Turmeric Smoothie For Stronger Immunity And Weight Loss


Ginger is effective in boosting digestion

Turmeric is a good source of antioxiants

Ginger and turmeric are both Indian superfoods

Ayurveda expert explains why lentils must be soaked before cooking

Most people forgo soaking other dals since they are cooked quickly. But did you know that soaking offers a lot of advantages and is required before cooking?

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves: This Indian Herb May Help Manage Cholesterol

Curry leaves are enriched with several health benefitting nutrients that help manage cholesterol and lower heart risks.

Add kiwis to your diet for these amazing benefits

High on Vitamin B & C, antioxidants, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, kiwifruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and loaded with many health benefits.

World Heart Day

Did you know that even as you sleep, your heart works harder than your legs do when you go for a run! So it’s about time we pay heed to the needs of the most important organ in your body, especially since all it asks for is a few healthy habits. This world heart day we share 6 things that are must-dos to keep your heart happy.

3 Ways To Make Stuff Idli: Make Delicious, Fulfilling Stuffed Idlis With These Easy Recipes

The round, fluffy and soft idlis are everyone's favourite! Just a bite into this dish, it offers joy, warmth and comfort to one's soul. Although idli is primarily South Indian cuisine, it is not limited to that region; idlis can be found all over the country and comes in all kinds of varieties that make you indulge in it. So, if you also love idlis as much as we do, then here we bring you three recipes of stuffed idlis that you would not only enjoy making but would love to gorge on!

Ladies, Enter Your 40s Stress-Free! Add These 5 Essential Nutrients To Rev Up Your System

Women must add a few essential nutrients to their diet when in their 40s or above. Here's a list of these you should not miss.

How kulchas from India and Pakistan act as a great unifier

With shared histories, ingredients and breadmakers, the delicious kulcha has a story that surpasses borders.

This Tropical Collagen Cashew Butter Smoothie Tastes Like Endless Summer

Summer may be on its last legs (sob), but this smoothie will mentally bring you back to the beachside. As someone who relies on morning smoothies during the warmer months (only an icy, refreshing sip seems right on a humid summer day)

Bread Lasagna Recipe: Make Quick And Easy Bread Lasagna In Just 20 Minutes

Italian food has so many recipes to offer.
This bread lasagna recipe is so easy and quick to make.
It is made with just a few ingredients available in the pantry.

Does Saunf Water Work For Weight Loss? Here’s What Science & Doctors Say

Studies suggest that fennel, popularly known as Saunf, can aid digestion and weight loss. Here’s what scientific research and nutritionists say about fennel water.

National Nutrition Week 2021: Know The Health Hazards Of Reusing Cooking Oil

National Nutrition Week is observed from 1st to 7th September to highlight the importance of right nutrition for the human body. As the National Nutrition Week 2021 starts today, let's know about the harmful effects of reusing cooking oil from our expert.

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