At the beginning of Ayurveda, during Saraswathi Civilization (8000 BCE) various methodologies were developed to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases. They were aware of “shookshmannu (Viruses), krimi (Bacteria)” is the cause of some of the diseases. These diseases spread among the population by drinking contaminated water, breathing air, eating food, and in contact with diseased persons.

Growing power differential is what lies behind China’s assertion in Ladakh

China’s ability to nibble away at the LAC in Ladakh will only grow as the military balance continues to shift in the PLA’s favour. While India’s significant current military deployment to counter Chinese mobilisation may yet help persuade Beijing to step back, there is no escaping the longer-term trend. If Delhi can’t redress the growing military imbalance and as Islamabad becomes even more dependent on Beijing, China will loom larger than ever on the entire Kashmir region. That is the real message from the new Chinese affirmation that it is now part of the Kashmir question.

China Turns Waterman. Weaponizes Waters of Brahmputra
For India, weaponisation of water was evident in 2017, when at the height of the Doklam crisis, China refused to share hydrological data with it, which in turn resulted in unusual flooding in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. The fact that apart from Doklam, India had also refused to attend the first Belt and Road Initiative Summit in China thereby hurting Xi Jinping’s ego, was also not lost on anyone. This refusal to share data was in violation of two legally binding accords between the two countries. Incidentally, China shared this hydrological data with Bangladesh, while refusing to do so with India.
RBI's another rate cut before schedule, a compulsion

In a move that came a fortnight before schedule, the MPC delivered a 40bps repo rate cut, taking the repo rate to 4%. All six members voted for a rate cut, and five of the six voted for the 40bps cut (Dr Ghate voted for a 25bps cut). This is in line with our expectations. We were calling for a 40bps rate cut in this MPC round.

Pakistan Discovers the High Cost of Chinese Investment

Pakistan’s desire to maintain strategic relations with China has resulted in the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a set of infrastructure projects, being mired in insufficient transparency. But a Committee formed by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to examine the causes for the high cost of electricity to Pakistani consumers has lifted the lid on corruption involving Chinese private power producers in Pakistan.

Kabul maternity ward’s killings a sheer brutality

In one of the most brutal attacks in the recent past, the hospital, which is operated by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in a predominantly Hazara-Shia neighbourhood, was attacked by the Islamic State terrorists, killing 24, including newborns, mothers and medical staff. 

Trump Pressure Made Roberto Azevedo To Leave WTO Before Completing His Term

In a sudden move on Thursday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Roberto Azevedo announced that he would leave his post in August. Mr. Azevedo (in picture) who became the first WTO chief in its 25-year-old history to quit the post, said he was leaving for “family reasons”


The Indian-American community is dynamic, comprised of people with a rich history and limitless potential. Our community has achieved incredible success – a success that starts with science and math. The Indian-American community lives and dies on facts, it defines us.

Dollars vs Deaths

There is a very heated debate going on between the defenders of economy and proponents of saving lives. Defenders of economy are blaring into the ears of President, Governors and lawmakers to open the economy as soon as possible

WE ARE ALL INDIANS -- Editorial By Rishi Agrawal

We are all Indians.  I am not writing this article to advocate for or against CAB.  The passing of the law, however, has led to rioting, violence, and protests in India.  Similarly, the debate over CAB has made its way to our community here in America – a debate that has led to passionate and sometimes vitriolic disagreement.  This is what I wanted to write about today.

Citizenship Amendment Bill addresses illegal immigrants’ issue in one go: BJP

The proposed Bill is a continuation of that unfinished agenda. It has become necessary that the issue of the illegal immigrants be addressed in one go, as their numbers have swelled to millions in the last several decades.

Let us go back to Mahatma Gandhi

Pakistan’s universities are not counted among the world’s top universities. In fact, even in Pakistan nobody in pursuit of knowledge sets much store by them. The reason is an ideology based on religion which doesn’t brook revision. One thought India would learn from this negative example but it has succumbed. 

"India Is Building a More Prosperous Kashmir"

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a plethora of comments from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan and senior officials of his government painting an apocalyptic picture of India’s reorganization of its province of Jammu and Kashmir — and raising the threat of conflict, including nuclear war, with India.