Chicago School Board Candidates Filing Nomination to Appear on the November 5th Ballot

Candidates for the office of Member of the Chicago Board of Education are filing original nomination papers with the Chicago Board of Elections. The filing commenced Monday, June 17 at CBOE Supersite, 191 N. Clark Street. 

300 Drown: Pakistan's death-trap route to Europe

About 300 Pakistanis died off the Greek coast in June. Others in their villages still want to make the same journey.

Serbia ends visa-free entry for Indians from January 1 next year

India's Embassy in Belgrade has said, "From 1 January 2023, all Indian nationals visiting Serbia would require visa to enter the Republic of Serbia.The existing arrangement of visa-free entry into Serbia has been...withdrawn."

Green Card's Calling: How the US' EAGLE act could benefit thousands of Indians

The Equal Access to Green Card for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act aims to phase out per-country caps on employment-based immigrant visas. If passed, the bill could benefit several skilled Indian workers vying for a US Green Card.

Missed weddings, late admissions; travellers share their ordeal over long US visa wait

According to the official US backlog report, 409,645 eligible applicants are still awaiting an interview date after the July 2022 appointment scheduling was completed.

280,000 green cards up for grabs before September 30 deadline

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is racing against time to issue 280,000 green cards before the fiscal year.

Canada resumes all-program Express Entry draws, sees a high cut-off score

Express Entry is Canada’s flagship point-based mechanism for skilled individuals seeking to immigrate on a long-term basis.

How to find the right immigration advisors to help your US move

Choosing an advisor with a successful conversion rate specializing in the visa category you are applying for is critical. Due diligence is vital to the entire application process, and investors should prioritize it from the beginning. For students, it is crucial to start thinking about an application well before they are 21.

H-1B visa: US withdraws proposed rule, lottery-based system to continue

Technology firms use H-1B, a non-immigrant visa to hire thousands of employees every year from countries including India. The department of home land security says it intends to comply with the US District Court for the Northern District of California's decision vacating the H-1B Selection Final Rule.

The Great Indian Immigration: Why educated, skilled Indians are leaving the country in droves

Indian competence, linguistic prowess, and a higher level of education are the triggers for relocation to countries, which have eased visa rules to attract talent.

Indian nationals to benefit from immigration reform bill passed by US house

The US House of Representatives has cleared the Build Back Better Bill, which also includes significant immigration reform. Some of the proposed changes in the bill include a faster route to permanent residency and a clear pathway to citizenship for their dependents who currently age out and lose legal status on turning 21.

US court grants relief for L2, H4 immigrant spouses seeking employment permits

While L-1 spouses or L-2 visa holders will get the extension without applying for it, H4 visa holders will still have to apply for the extension after their employment permit expires.

Major victory for H-1B employers as USCIS qualifies market research analyst as speciality occupation


The settlement approved by the federal district court in the Northern District of California would now let companies request that the USCIS reopen and re-adjudicate their denied H-1B petitions.

Opinion: 80,000 Green Cards Are About to Disappear From US

The Biden administration has acknowledged that in the last fiscal year the U.S. failed to issue roughly 80,000 green cards that should have been given to legal immigrant workers. The shortfall adds to a backlog of more than 1 million people waiting to receive employment-based visas. Congress should ensure those green cards are used - and then set about fixing a system that pointlessly burdens skilled immigrants and the businesses that employ them.

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