Tata Group invokes Shakespeare to tell how Vistara, Tanishq got their names

March 25, 2022 09:05 AM
Vistara’s name is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Vistaar’ that means a ‘limitless expanse’.

William Shakespeare’s famous words ‘What’s in a name’ has found a spot in a Tata Group Instagram post where the conglomerate shared interesting trivia behind naming a few of their major brands.

“At some point you have probably wondered why some of the brands you use everyday are called what they are. To know the stories behind some of our brand names, just swipe ahead,” the company captioned the post.

The first slide takes us through the christening of Vistara airlines. Vistara’s name is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Vistaar’ that means a ‘limitless expanse’.

“The name conjures images of a window-seat view of endless blue skies,” reads a line in the photo under a graphic of a Vistara airplane.

The second slide is about Ama stays and trails, Tata’s offering for homestay experiences. The name ‘Ama’ is derived from a Sanskrit word too which means ‘at home’. The word is stylized as ‘amã’.

For jewellery brand Tanishq, Tata Group chose a combination of two words – Tan (body) and Nishq (a gold ornament). “Its name rings of craftsmanship, exclusive design and quality,” the photo read.

The last name disclosed was Croma, Tata’s electronics store, that was named on a flight. But it wasn’t the first choice. “Solar, Sun, Super, Prime and Circle,” were the first choices, a graphic shows, but Croma was the one that stuck.

Crome means “purity of colour, the brightest hue one can be” the company wrote adding the small ‘matra’ on top of ‘a’ gave it an Indian touch.

Tata Group keeps sharing regular updates and trivia about the business giant on its social media handles.


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