Say goodbye to festive flab: Start day with green juice, drink water; detox with curd-rice & salads

November 10, 2021 02:53 PM

Shivani Kandwal, Diabetes Educator, Founder of Nutrivibes, lists some easy hacks and tips to shed the festive flab and get back into shape before the next party season kicks off.

Q: How does one get rid of the extra kilos gained?
Shivani Kandwal (SK): Binge-eating during festivals is something which everyone regrets soon after. Having said that, it’s completely fine to gorge on unhealthy food sometimes. But do not beat yourself up over it. Stop feeling guilty about gaining those 1-2 kgs as that is likely to be just water weight.

Start the day with a glass of green juice/lime water/ashgourd juice. In order to flush out the oil and grease, add fruits and salads along with curd-rice, khichdi, millets and soups for the next few days. Make sure that your daily water intake is at least 3 litres water, preferably with mint diffused in it. Also, remember to include probiotics like curd, yogurt, kanji, sauerkraut etc.
Q: What are the health after-effects of festive-bingeing?
SK: After indulging in ghee and sugar-laden sweets, salty snacks and beverages, most people feel dehydrated as their water intake is ignored. Also, caffeinated drinks and alcohol don’t help much. Digestive issues are very common after such indulgence with salty food triggering water retention and bloating.

Q: What are the foods to avoid now, at least for a while?
SK: Having eaten enough fried snacks and scrumptious sweets during the festival, it is now advised to reduce the intake of refined flour, processed and oily food. It is also important to reduce excess sugar.

Q: The skin also bears the festive brunt. How can one fix that?
SK: Yes, it is true that fried food can hurt the skin. To get back the glow, drink a lot of water - you can add mint, coriander and curry leaves for freshness. Eat fresh fruits, and at least two plates of raw salads in a day. Coconut water and buttermilk help keep the skin hydrated. It’s time to stay away from fried and salt-rich foods, and include seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseeds etc. Instead of junk food, have a handful of nuts daily.

Q: What kind of cooking should one follow at home?
SK: A combination of roasting, grilling for shallow frying etc. in general. When frying pakoras and pooris, make sure that you do not reuse the same oil again.

Q: Any home-made juices that you would recommend?
SK: There are many combinations of juices available these days for hydration and nutrition. Green juice is one of my favourites as it is full of nutrients and wonderful for the skin, hair, and gut health.

Add 1 tsp wheatgrass, a handful of mint and coriander leaves, coconut water, 1 kiwi and 1 cucumber.

Q: Any other health tips that you can share with our readers.
SK: Don’t worry about the calories, focus on nutrition. Eat well, move your body and practise some activities for cognitive health too. Build a healthy relationship with food rather than fearing it.

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