SSSFA Organizes Big Yoga Event in Naperville on International Yoga Day; ‘Hotworx’ participates

June 27, 2024 09:34 PM
SSSFA Team Illinois.

SSSFA Organizes Big Yoga Event in Naperville on International Yoga Day; ‘Hotworx’ participates

CHICAGO (Naperville) – To observe International Yoga Day, the Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation of America (SSSFA), in collaboration with Gurutattva India, hosted a significant global meditation workshop titled ‘Soulful Yoga Beyond the Asanas' in Naperville.

The event was conducted at multiple locations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kansas and California simultaneously in-person and online. The day-specific event introduced the powerful ‘Himalayan Samarpan Meditation,’ that has been designed to awaken the inner soul and elevate soul consciousness. Participants explored how Himalayan Samarpan Meditation can connect them to their soul and the universal consciousness, addressing all aspects of life and bringing balance, bliss, and harmony.

The Yoga workshop aimed to uncover the profound essence of yoga, extending beyond the common perception of physical postures to reveal its true potential as a holistic journey inward.

Participants engaged in a 15-minute Himalayan Samarpan Meditation session, reporting feelings of peace and relaxation. The workshop also discussed the significance of chakras and the aura, essential for maintaining physical, social, and emotional health. The session covered the Eight Limbs of Yoga and highlighted the integral role of meditation. A key highlight was the introduction of a free 45-day Soulful Yoga challenge, encouraging participants to incorporate meditation into their daily lives without lifestyle or dietary restrictions.

SSSFA Yoga at the United Nations on Intl Yoga Day 2024.

Naperville-based famous Yoga outlet ‘Hotworx,’ also actively participated in the program. The Hotworx team’s collaboration provided a vibrant and supportive environment, enhancing the workshop experience.

Participants expressed heartfelt gratitude for the insights gained and showed a keen eagerness to join the 45-day challenge. Many shared their positive experiences, feeling peaceful and relaxed after the meditation session. One of the organizers remarked, “The United Nations theme for this year’s International Day of Yoga is ‘Yoga for self and society.’ Our hope is that the daily practice of Himalayan Samarpan Meditation will bring harmony to both the individual and society.”

Shree Shivkrupanand Swami, the founder, envisions awakening every soul through Samarpan Meditation and raising the world’s collective consciousness.

SSFA Yoga in Texas on Intl Yoga Day 2024.

SSSFA is committed to spreading awareness of Himalayan Samarpan Meditation through regular workshops held globally. The next 45-day Soulful Yoga challenge starts on June 30, inviting everyone to experience the benefits of daily meditation. Free weekly meditation sessions are conducted at multiple centers across US.

 This meditation practice is accessible to all—requiring no lifestyle changes or dietary restrictions, and welcoming everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, or religion. It is based on the spirit of surrenderand is an easy practice without the need of any physical activities or complex methodologies.

SSSFA Yoga in Naperville on Intl Yoga Day 2024.

Join the 45-day Soulful Yoga challenge starting June 30 and discover how just 30 minutes of daily meditation can transform your life. More details can be found on their linktree -

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