Underworld again active in India to spread roots through cricket betting

April 09, 2018 02:52 PM

Chandigarh: Amid uncertainty over the recommendations on Cricket betting by both Lodha Committee and Mudgal Committee, which have given their advises to legalisation of betting, the Underwood has started to be active in India by spreading its roots through cricket betting. Series of IPL matches has been started today from Mohali as well as from Kolkata, which will be continued till May 27 in various stations across the Country. Sources in the Punjab Police told that the Underworld has been using betting business for money laundering, tax evasion and terror financing. Police is also seeking links between Gangsters and Underworld. Sources disclosed that to avoid any legal action, all the activities are being operated through mobile phone and laptop by the bookies, but the area of operation is believed tricity Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula, Abohar and few other stations of Punjab.

The time of cricket matches is golden period for cricket bookies. Although, there is no formal data about how much business is done, but the recommendations of Lodha Committee has revealed that Rs 19,000 crore tax revenue can be collected from the betting industry, if betting to be legalise, which indicate such illegal business in thousands of billions . Sources in the Bookies told that this 51 days IPL T20 season, it is expected to trade more than 5000 billion in the Punjab, alone. The kingpin of this betting business is from Abohar, who is known for his nick name Mahasha, who has been operating this illegal practice since last two decades and number of cases against him have been registered under Gambling Act, which is believed very poor act, but to avoid any Police action, he has been living in Chandigarh-Mohali and Panchkula as he has purchased huge property in tricity.

While his 13 members team have been working in Abohar and some other station of Punjab. But sources told that fund collected from the betting are being used to promote anti-national activities. Earlier it has been disclosed that funds collected from the betting, had been using to promote terrorism in Punjab as well as other part of the Country. Now the funds are being used to help Gangsters of Punjab as well as Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur and Goa. Sources told that Dawood’s D company has been operation betting business from Dubai. But the Police could not able to capture the Bookies as they change mobile sim many times in a day, while there is not strict law to dealt with Bookies.

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